Unveil Your Dream Space - S1 luxury Floor Plan

Unveil Your Dream Space

If you’ve been daydreaming about a space that effortlessly merges chic design with everyday comfort, then Alexan Braker Pointe’s S1 floor plan. It might be the answer to your home wish list. Ready to discover more? Let’s dive in and unveil your dream space with us.


Your Dream Space


Stepping into the S1 floor plan at Alexan Braker Pointe feels like entering a dream. With an area of 616 SF, this floor plan, tailored for those who desire a blend of comfort and style, immediately welcomes you with open arms. Imagine walking through the front door and being met with a well-thought-out design that merges the living space and dining area. The natural light streaming in adds a touch of warmth, giving the room an inviting ambiance.


Versatility and Space in Every Corner


What truly makes the S1 stand out is its intelligent use of the area. Every corner has the resident’s needs in mind. Whether you’re a budding chef or someone who loves to host friends over for a movie night, the kitchen and living space are perfect. They cater to both culinary adventures and cozy evenings. It is the right amount of space so you don’t feel cramped but still intimate and cozy.


Unveil The Attention to Detail


What sets the S1 floor plan apart is Alexan Braker Pointe’s commitment to detail. It’s not just about how much open area is available, but how you use it. The placement of windows, the flow from one area to the next, and even the choice of materials all play a part in making the S1 a residence of choice. For those on the lookout for a space that resonates with their personality and lifestyle, the S1 floor plan ticks all the right boxes.

If homes are an extension of ourselves, Alexan Braker Pointe’s S1 floor plan makes a statement. Unveil your dream space with us today!