The Foundation of Upscale Living - A2 luxury one-bedroom and one-bathroom floor plan

The Foundation of Upscale Living

Imagine living in a space that not only matches your dynamic lifestyle but also wraps you in the warmth of luxury every single day. That’s not just a daydream for young professionals; it’s a reality at Alexan Braker Pointe. Nestled in the heart of convenience and style, our A2 floor plan isn’t just an apartment; it’s a ticket to an elevated lifestyle. With an area of 715 SF of spacious living space, it’s like the Swiss Army knife of apartments. It is a spacious one-bedroom and one-bathroom apartment with an open-concept design. Every inch is a testament to upscale living.

A Canvas of Luxury Living

The A2 floor plan comes with brilliant designs, mixing usefulness with style perfectly. Right when you walk in, you feel the roominess welcoming you warmly. With its tall ceilings at 9 feet and 6 inches, the apartment feels more like a peaceful retreat. Its open design means you’re always close to the center of your home, whether you love cooking in the kitchen or just relaxing in the living area. This layout makes every spot in your apartment easy to get to, adding to its comfortable feel. It comes with features to make life simpler and more enjoyable, ensuring that it fits all your needs beautifully.

The Foundation of Style

At Alexan Braker Pointe, every little thing matters, and the A2 floor plan shows this clearly. The vinyl plank floors do more than just look good; they bring both fashion and toughness to your home. They have the beautiful look of wood but are tough enough for a busy life. These floors are great for any part of your life, from having a warm dinner party to dancing in your socks on a quiet Sunday morning. They make your home both stylish and practical. It’s like having the best of both worlds under your feet. These floors make cleaning up a breeze, giving you more time to enjoy your home.

The Fresh Side of Luxury

Select A2 homes come with an added jewel: private balconies. These balconies are more than just a place outside; they are like your own window to the world, giving you a bit of nature while you stay comfortable inside. Whether you’re enjoying a morning coffee as the day begins or relaxing with some wine at night, these balconies bring a touch of elegance to your daily life. They make every day feel a bit more special. It’s like having a little escape without ever having to leave your home. Plus, they’re perfect for those moments when you just want to breathe in some fresh air or enjoy a quiet evening.

The A2 floor plan at Alexan Braker Pointe is more than just square footage. It’s a blend of luxury, elegance, and practicality, designed for those who seek an elevated lifestyle. From the thoughtful layout to the stylish finishes and the optional private balconies, every element works together to create a space that’s as inviting as it is impressive. For young professionals looking to blend upscale living with personal comfort, the A2 floor plan is not just an option; it’s the destination. Our A2 floor plan is the foundation of upscale living. Book a tour today at Alexan Braker Pointe!