A Haven for Pampered Paws - Dog

A Haven for Pampered Paws

Are you looking for a haven for pampered paws? We have just what you need here at Alexan Braker Pointe. Our community loves pets of all shapes and sizes. Come with us as we explore the facilities we have for your furry little friends.


A Furry Haven

Our community features pet spas. Yes, spas aren’t just for us humans anymore. Our furry friends can enjoy them too. A pet spa is a place where pets can get groomed, pampered, and loved. Think about it like a day spa for pets. Just like how we enjoy a good spa day, our pets can have the same luxury. Our pet spa staff are big-time pet lovers as well. So, when you leave your pet at our spa, you can be sure they’re getting lots of love.


Groomed Paws

So, what happens at our pet spa? First, there’s grooming. This includes things like baths, haircuts, and nail trims. But it’s not just about looks. Good grooming also keeps pets healthy and comfortable. And with experts doing the grooming, you can be sure your pet is in good hands. So, consider our pet spa if your pet needs a haircut, a massage, or just a fun day out. 


Pampered Little Friends

Second, there’s the pampering part. This includes massages, facials, and even pawdicures! Yes, that’s pedicures for pets. These services can help pets relax, relieve stress, and feel good all over. The pet spa also has play areas. These are safe, fun spaces where pets can run around, play with toys, and meet new friends. It’s like a playground and social club for pets.


A haven for pampered paws awaits you here in our community. Join us here at Alexan Braker Pointe and give your furry little friends the pampering they deserve. Call us now and schedule a tour!

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